About Us CAL Reporting is a full-service court reporting firm located in Pleasanton, California. We are centrally based in the Bay Area and have highly qualified reporters that cover all of California. For more than seven years, our firm has provided skilled, experienced, and dependable court reporters to our clients. We are always prepared, on time, and willing to go the extra mile to serve our clients' needs. Our work is not limited to just Monday through Friday, as we are readily available should a client need assistance with any deposition or transcript preparation. We pride ourselves on our personalized service, high quality of work, and responsiveness to our clients' needs. CAL Reporting is owned by Stacy Lozano and Liz Corona, who bring with them very experienced backgrounds in both the legal and court reporting fields. By combining their great work ethic and experience, a friendship was formed, as well as CAL Reporting, in 2007. Because they make such a great team, they often refer to each other as "yin" and "yang,"...the perfect balance to their successful business partnership!
STACY LOZANO Stacy Lozano brings to CAL Reporting 25+ years experience in the legal field. Stacy first started as a legal assistant to the senior partner of an insurance defense firm in Oakland. During the ten years that she was employed with that firm, she became acquainted with court reporters and developed an interest in court reporting as a career. After receiving her court reporting license in 2004, Stacy worked as a freelance reporter to get a feel for the industry and how it works. While working in the industry, she was introduced to Liz. Then, after much thought and determination, she decided that going out on her own would be a great move for her, as she likes the personal attention she can provide to her clients. Stacy feels privileged to be a part of the court reporting field and prides herself on being prompt, professional and pleasant to work with. Stacy has been married to her high school sweetheart for 10+ years, and they have a son and twin daughters together. Stacy is an avid baseball fan and enjoys going to or watching the games with her family. She also enjoys watching her kids play sports, cooking with her husband, and opening their home for gatherings regularly with friends and family. Stacy has a passion for baking…she likes to call it her "therapy." Our clients often reap the benefits of her efforts! LIZ CORONA Liz Corona, Bay Area resident and California native, was introduced to court reporting through a customer while managing a dance supply store. She decided to attend court reporting school, which is where her love for the industry began. While working for a court reporting firm, she learned all facets of the business. Liz incorporated her court reporting knowledge with English skills and spent many years editing court reporter's transcripts, also referred to as "scoping" in the industry. In 2004, she was introduced to Stacy, and shortly thereafter began to scope Stacy's transcripts. The two quickly realized how great they worked together, and it was then that CAL Reporting was formed. Liz is the main contact at CAL Reporting. She manages the office operations and handles the internal aspects of the business. Her role includes scheduling depos and reporters, as well as full production of transcripts. Her attention to detail and great use of time management keeps our office running smoothly, giving the utmost service to our clients. Liz has been married to her wonderful husband for 11+ years. They share two beautiful young daughters. In addition to spending time with her family, she enjoys dancing, outdoor activities and knitting. Like Stacy, she also has a passion for baking and enjoys sharing their "goodies" with many of the clients during the holidays. Liz feels blessed she is able to raise her family while also running the business…truly the best of both worlds!